Know About The Risks WIth Black Magic

The practice is simple. It’s a little bit like putting your breakfast order in to room service the night before. When you wake up in the morning, you receive what you asked for, hot and steaming, prepared just for you. Only the delights offered up by your Inner Wisdom are not as predictable as a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon!

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Comments – The term ‘unnatural sex’ has been settled by Singapore courts as to mean sodomy and oral sex. So if the penis goes into another person’s anus or mouth, this clause will apply, even if both are adults and consenting. This could also mean that a heterosexual couple engaging in oral or anal sex may also be committing a criminal act.

There is a certain eerie foreboding about the blackness of a moonless night. Most of us have a healthy fear of what could be out in that blackness – night creatures, human predators, sick people high on drugs. So we might stay inside, lock our doors and windows and watch TV without another thought of the dangers outside because we know we are safe within the confines of our home.

God, Great Spirit, or Creator – whatever term you use to call the Source energy – has blessed each of us with unique energetic signatures. That’s a fancy way of saying we each are different, especially when it comes to our inherent gender and sexual makeup. Each of us have an inborn amount of both masculine and feminine energy. For the majority of us, one end of the spectrum naturally comes much easier than the other. One of the goals of emotional & spiritual maturity is to live in a state of balance between these two polarities.

True, it’s George’s tough karma. In this example, the soul that is now George lived a lifetime as a religious leader that persecuted anyone suspected of being gay. George’s soul chose a rough incarnation this time not as a punishment, but in order to learn more about tolerance.

In upcoming chapters, I’ll introduce you to gay men who’ve crippled themselves emotionally (and often sabotaged their romantic relationships as well) by not coming out to anyone except themselves, their partners, and a few close friends. In most cases, their self-protective impulse only serves to keep them isolated. You’ll also meet heterosexually married men who in their 40s and 50s came out of denial and admitted they were gay all along. They experience a profound sense of liberation when they find the courage to come out, being honest with themselves and their families.